U.S. Cargo Systems
Military Technology

U.S. Cargo Systems has provided leading military cargo handling and aerial delivery solutions for military fixed wing and helicopter platforms for over 40 years.

Cargo Handling Components

We can supply our Military customers individual aircraft components and support equipment to complement their mission equipment.

Military Aircraft:
Helicopter Platforms:

Military Cargo Handling & Aerial Delivery Technology

Product: Roller Trays
Product: Ball Trays
Product: Door Sill Protectors
Product: Guide Rail Y-Funnel
Product: Retractable Z-Flange
Product: Ball Trays
Product: Floor Support Channels
Product: Logistics and Aerial Delivery Systems
Product: Retractable Vertical Restraints
Product: Electro-Mechanical Aerial Delivery Locks
Product: Electro-Mechanical Logistics & Verticle Restraints
Product: Tie Down Rings
Product: Aerial Delivery Lock Interface Tester
Product: Aerial Delivery Latch Tester
Whether the need is for smart, lightweight and robust cargo handling or flight critical complex systems, U.S. Cargo Systems offers field proven solutions.
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