Cargo Handling and Aerial Delivery Technologies

U.S. Cargo Systems, formerly known as AAR Cargo Systems, is a proven worldwide leader in the design and development of Cargo Handling and Aerial Delivery System technologies. U.S. Cargo Systems is renowned for designing to the most stringent requirements, enabling our products to perform in the harshest environments. Our capabilities cover design as well as certification of simple and complex flight critical products.

We are proud of our 50+ year heritage serving countless commercial and military aircraft customers with leading edge technologies. Our sales and engineering teams have worked directly with nearly all Aircraft OEM’s as a Tier 1 supplier, as well as with major freight integrators. We have provided systems for over 40 different aircraft types, including numerous regional transport aircraft and main desk cargo handling systems. In addition to world class conveyance, guide and restraint solutions, U.S. Cargo Systems has developed Aerial Delivery and Cargo Logistics Systems for several different military aircraft.

Join the Team

At U.S. Cargo, we do more than just manufacture products, we are a team that focuses on possibilities for our customers. Come be a part of a dynamic team that utilizes innovation, teamwork, and excellence to make a difference in the lives of our customers.

Core Competencies and Systems

Core Competencies Include:

Commercial Transport
Handling Systems for:

Military Cargo Handling
and Aerial Delivery Systems for:

Contact U.S. Cargo Systems for all of your Military and Commercial Cargo Handling and Aerial Delivery Systems.

Whether the need is for smart, lightweight and robust cargo handling or flight critical complex systems, U.S. Cargo Systems offers field proven solutions.
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